How are artists selected?
Artists are selected through an application process by a jury of art professionals. Quality of work is the primary criterion for selection. Past jurors have included Bruce Brown, Alison Hildredth, Lauren Fensterstock, Laurie Perzley, Diana Tuite, and Britta Konau, among others.

Is there a requirement to produce a body of work?
There is no requirement to produce a body of work, although the residency should be viewed as an outstanding opportunity for artistic development.

Can I show my work while I'm there?
While there is no requirement to produce a body of work during your residency or show your work while on Monhegan, some artists have an open-studio exhibition towards the end of their stay. In keeping with MARC’s noncommercial, nonprofit mission, there should be no art work sold during such studio shows.

Can I have visitors stay with me?
No overnight visitors are allowed in accordance with our lease with the landlords. We request that you honor this. The Monhegan Residency is intended to be a retreat and time to work on your art.

May I bring my pet(s)?
Pets are not allowed.

How do I get to Monhegan?
Several mid-coast boat lines provide ferry service to Monhegan. Advanced reservations are required for boat service. Long-term parking is available on the mainland for a fee.

Check schedules and make reservations at:

How should I pack my belongings?
When packing your items consolidate them as much as possible, use plastic boxes, sturdy tote bags, or sturdy cardboard boxes. There may be a charge for extra baggage or freight. Do not use plastic shopping bags, paper bags, or open boxes. Label each piece of baggage with your name and the location they are going to. You could be traveling out in the rain so pack accordingly. On some of the boats your items will be stowed on the open deck and might get splashed with salt water. The crossing takes about an hour. When you land on the island there will be several trucks for hire on the dock to transport your belongings to the residency location. Have some cash on hand to pay for this (usually $2 to $3 per piece).

What groceries are available on Monhegan?
There are groceries available on the island from a couple of small stores. Fresh produce, frozen meats, dairy products, and some general grocery supplies can be found. There is a fresh fish market as well. We recommend bringing some staples and non-perishables with you. Because everything has to be transported to the island the cost of food is higher than on the mainland. If you have specific dietary needs you should plan ahead and bring what you need.

Is there cell service and internet on Monhegan?
Most cell phones will get reception on the island, but not all. There are several pay phones in public locations. The Monhegan Library has a computer and internet. Both residency locations have internet access.

What if I need to receive or send mail?
You can receive or send mail with this address:

Your Name
Monhegan Artists’ Residency
Monhegan Island, ME 04852



What's the weather like and how should I prepare my clothing?
Expect a variety of Maine weather: sunshine, hot temperatures, cold temperatures, rain, fog, and wind. Be prepared for it all. Bring a flashlight for walking around at night since there are no street lights. Most of the housing on the island is consolidated on one side and only takes up about a third of the island, making for a wonderful network of wooded trails to and around the dramatic cliffs of the back shore. The trails are rough in places and you should bring a good pair of walking shoes or boots.

What art supplies do I need to bring?
Bring all the art supplies you will need for your time on the island.

Where can I find more information about Monhegan?
The following websites provide a wealth of information about life on Monhegan, like boats, lodging, maps and cultural opportunities: