The Carina House Residency: A Gift of Monhegan

Published by the Monhegan Artists Residency Corporation in 2006, this handsome, full-color book celebrates 34 artists who have been artists-in-residence at Carina House on Monhegan Island from 1988-2006, including some of Maine’s most renown artists like Connie Hayes, Marguerite Robichaux, Terry Hilt, and Jim Dugan. The book features art work and text by all 34 artist fellows in an elegant design consisting of a pair of facing pages for each artist: on the left, a statement describing her or his residency experience on Monhegan with a small image of a work, and on the right, a full-page reproduction. Though each artist had a unique experience on Monhegan, the statements reveal common threads: finding inspiration from the magnificent island environment; time to reflect; and the opportunity to try new techniques and take risks. The artists confirm that the residency was a powerful catalyst for furthering their art and careers.

The cost of the book is $24.00 plus $2.00 for shipping. To order your copy of The Carina House Residency: A Gift of Monhegan, send an email request to board@monheganartistsresidency.org9